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Quote from the Late Founder/Message from the CEO
Company Nasa Corporation
Date of Fundation September 10th 1977
Date of Incorporated September 17th 1980
Capital Fund 17 Million Yen
Founder Makoto Murano
CEO Tsutomu Agata
Employees 42 people (JAN 2019 currently)
Nasa headquarters
78-4 Kanda-Sakumagashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0026 Japan (Google Map
Technical Center
218 Niizo, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, 335-0021 Japan(Google Map
Subsidiary Nasa Corporation (Taiwan)
Nasa Corporation (China)
Nasa Deutschland GmbH
Associate Company Bag Filter S.A.R.L (Morocco)
Bag Filter (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Main Product Lineup Tea / Coffee Packing Machines & Materials
Year Content
1977 Mr. Murano founded Sankaku Trading Corporation and began the sale of industrial machinery.
1980 Nasa Corporation founded.
1982 The capital fund is increased to JPY 5 million.
1987 Food equipment import business began.
1994 The capital fund increased to JPY 17 million.
2007 Established Nasa Food Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
2009 Tsutomu Agata assumes the office of CEO.
Establishes Bag Filter SARAL in Marrakesh, Morocco, a joint-venture manufacturing facility for tagged filters.
2010 Launches the teatogo (take-out tea bag) business.
2014 Discontinues the food-processing machinery business to focus on the manufacture and sales of packing machines and materials for tea bags and drip coffee bags.
Opens a Shanghai sales branch of Nasa Food Equipment (Beijing) Ltd.
Establishes Bag Filter (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China, a joint-venture manufacturing facility for tagged filters.
2016 Establishes Nasa Corporation (Taiwan)
2017 Establishes Nasa Corporation (China)
2018 Establishes MARUZEN TEA MOROCCO (SARL), a joint-venture production facility for Japanese Sencho and Matcha.
Establishes Nasa Deutschland GmbH.
2021 Establishes Technical Center (Toda)
Recent Developments

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