Quote from the Late Founder/Message from the CEO

Quote from the Late Founder

Everlasting Philosophy

We often forget that it is people that make a company work, no matter how rational its organization is designed to be. Nasa Corporation does not believe in seeking size to outperform the competition and make more profit, which is the basic nature of capitalism.
As part of taking a people-centric approach, which addresses the question of what to live for and what to live by, Nasa Corporation takes an example from the good old apprentice system in managing its people. The apprentice system that prevailed in pre-industrialized Japan hundreds of years ago forged a contractual relationship between a master and a disciple. Its modern-day equivalent fosters a more respectful relationship between employees with seniority and their junior-level counterparts. My job is to encourage senior employees to train and educate their juniors to become well versed in the international trading business as quickly as possible.
In the belief that everyone working for a company is part of society, I would like Nasa's employees to grow not only on the professional level but also on the social level. The company will no doubt continue to be sustained by enthusiastic and talented people for a long time to come. I wish them to try even harder to prove themselves also outside the company.
Japan has come a long way to become a leading member of the international community. In an increasingly integrated global arena in which countries are complementary to one another and interdependent on one another, trading companies are expected to bring them even closer together. Nasa Corporation makes it part of its business to make a meaningful social contribution not only in Japan but also in the rest of the global community.

Makoto Murano The Late Founder of Nasa Corporation

Management Policy

"Be the best at whatever you do."
+To select and focus on the business domain in which we can excel at offering products and services that will have a profound impact on customers around the world.
+To continue refining and innovating our products and services so that customers can readily see the greater value in them than what other companies offer under fair competition.
+To become a company capable of turning challenges into successes, even if that means departing from the established business model.

Messages from the CEO

In the belief that "the best has yet to come," we expect groundbreaking innovation never to cease in the industry in which we do business. Therefore, it thrills me to think that even a small company like us has a good chance of bringing out exceptional products and services that will have a profound impact on customers around the world.

The true meaning of working for Nasa Corporation is to work with people who share this vision in taking a bold approach to keep moving forward step by step to achieve greater goals in a global market that knows no racial, linguistic, geographical, or cultural boundaries.

I hope all our employees will take their lives seriously while enjoying their professional work during both the hard times and the good times. I look forward to working with them to lay the foundation for the company for the next 10 years and the next 20 years.

The following is a passage from one of my favorite poems. Written in 1947, it still communicates a strong message about the true meaning of life. I share it here with those who are working with us and those who will join us down the road.

"Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

(From "Do not go gentle into that good night," written by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.)

Tsutomu Agata CEO Nasa Corporation